The Birth of Aryan

The increasing of environmental awareness simultaneously influences people’s lifestyle. Thus, the phenomenon was translated into an adaptation of a back to nature paradigm. This paradigm also strikes out various business sectors, such as household appliances and clothing. Both have begun to look at how product must base on environmental approach and values, so that the impact occurred can be minimized. Thousand ways have been carried out, one of which is growing rapidly is eco-print, and ours is Aryan.

Aryan was officially registered with the Department of Trade and Industry of the city of Bogor as a craft business on June 02, 2021 with the NIB number: 1258000620326. However, the art of processing and dyeing with natural materials such as leaves, flowers, and bark is a self-taught began in September 2018. Aryan Ecoprint, other than practicing fabric processing activities, taking part in exhibition, also conducts ecoprint training which have been performed in 2020.

As the name implies, eco-print comes from the combination of the words eco (ecosystem) and print which means biological or natural environment process involving the transfer of colors and shapes to fabrics through direct contact. This technique is done by attaching plants that have color pigments to natural fibrous fabrics which are then found, boiled or steamed. The natural coloring techniques produced from wood, leaves, and flowers. Natural dyeing is a very slow process, but that’s the beauty of it. It transfers plant color and shape onto materials, such as natural fibers cotton, flax and silk, as well as leather and paper.